Pingu Has an Idea
Season 03, Episode 11
Air Date August 24, 1995
Previous Pingu and the Message in a Bottle
Next Pingu Breaks a Vase
Pingu Has an Idea is the eleventh episode of the third season which was broadcast on August 24th, 1995.


While Mother doses in the armchair, Pingu and Pinga decide to play their record player outdoors. However there are no wall sockets outside, but Pingu has an idea to make the record player work by wind-power like the igloo next door. So he pops into the shed and makes his wind turbine and mounts it ontop of the igloo and attaches to a cable.

Pingu drops the plug of the cable down to Pinga which she then plugs into the record player, after Pingu gets the turbine turning. But it does not seem to be working and the wind is not strong enough to make the hand manufactured sails to go round. As the two young penguins stand glumly by the record player, Father comes home. He takes out the junction box from the tractor sledge and then looks over the engine. Seeing the junction box, Pingu feels sure that it will make the record player work. So while Father is not looking, Pingu unplugs the junction box from the tractor sledge and reattaches it to the record player.

As soon as the music starts playing, Pingu and Pinga woop for joy and Father looks up in amazement. Even from outdoors the music is loud enough to wake Mother up, but she feels so happy to hear it that she gets up from her armchair, puts down her knitting and walks outside to find he two young pengiuns jigging for joy and her husband wobbling his head to the music. Mother and Father are very impressed with Pingu and Pinga's ingenuity and all four of them spend the rest of the afternoon dancing to the magical music of the record player.


  • Pingu
  • Pinga
  • Mother
  • Father



  • When Pingu smacks the record player to get it working, he does not press the button like he did before.


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