Pingu Helps Grandfather
Season 04, Episode 23
Air Date March 4, 2000
Previous Pingu and the Doll
Next Pingu Has a Bad Day

Pingu Helps Grandfather is the twenty-third episode of Season 4.


A Sunday afternoon is running with its normal routine: Pingu is reading his comic, Mum is knitting, Dad is reading the newspaper and Pinga is playing doctors and nurse on her teddy. Suddenly the telephone rings and Dad answers it to discover that it is his own father. Grandpa had been putting a picture on the wall whilst used stilts and then he feel and hurt his flipper. Now they need to come over to Grandpa's igloo and help him to the hospital.

Pingu is eager to help, so he goes outside to wait on the tractor sledge. He waits and waits, but Mum and Dad are taking too long deciding what to take with them to help Grandpa. At last Pingu gets so impaitent, that he decides to make his own way to Grandpa's on foot.

By the time Pingu has gone, Dad is ready and waiting on the tractor sledge. However it is now his turn to get impatient, as Mum is having to rush back inside to get her hat and Pinga has to bring her doctors and nurses gear with her, so that she can use it on her first real patient. Then Dad ends up delaying himself by trying to get the tractor sledge moving without the key.

By now, Pingu has arrived at Grandpa's and starts working out how best to help him. Then he has an idea; he uses the broken stilt as a splint for when he bandages up Grandpa's injury and then uses the other stilt which is still intact as a crutch. By the time Grandpa is finally fixed up, Mum, Dad and Pinga arrive and they all go with him to the hospital. A sledge is tied to the back of the tractor sledge and Grandpa rides on that with Pingu hanging onto the back behind him.

At the hosiptal the doctor is waiting for them. He looks over Grandpa's flipper and takes him inside to fix him up properly. Pingu is very worried that Grandpa's injury may be really bad and he begins to cry, so Mum gives him a cuddle and Dad tells him that he did very well to help Grandpa out before they did. At last Grandpa returns in a wheel chair with his flipper properly bandaged up. The doctor also fixed his broken stilt too, Pingu tests them out and everyone is most impressed. As he shows off his stilt walking skills, Pingu feels that he has been a very helpful young penguin indeed.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Grandpa's Igloo
  • The Hospital


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