Pingu Hits
is an German cassette/CD released by Europa Mini in 1994.

It features nineteen song consisting of the titlular character Pingu, made by David Hasselhoff, Basic Kids, John Brack, Eric Weber, Antonio Conde, Tony Vescoli and Drönland.


  1. Pingu-Dance - David Hasselhoff
  2. Pingu-Lied - Basic Kids
  3. Schneeballschlacht - Basic Kids
  4. Pingu ist ein Pinguin - Basic Kids
  5. Alle Kinder lieben Pingu - Basic Kids
  6. Pingu-Land - Basic Kids
  7. Bummelzug - John Brack
  8. Wir wollen Pingu sehn - Basic Kids
  9. Pingu und Pinga - Basic Kids
  10. Schulweg - Eric Weber
  11. Oh Pingu Pingu - Basic Kids
  12. Watschelfuß - Basic Kids
  13. Lieber Pingu - Basic Kids
  14. Küchenchef - Antonio Conde
  15. Wie wunderschön - Basic Kids
  16. Pingu Band - Tony Vescoli
  17. Südpol Melodie - Eric Weber
  18. Pingu Boogie - Drönland
  19. Lullaby - Basic Kids


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