Pingu Loses the Bet
Season 04, Episode 25
Air Date April 7, 2000
Previous Pingu Has a Bad Day
Next Pingu and His Cup

Pingu Loses the Bet is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 4.


Pingu is going to the funfair, but he has to take Pinga with him, which he is not too happy about doing. When they arrive at the fairground, the Tin Can Alley stallholder is busy playing the barrel organ. When he sees his two new customers, he greets them and goes back to his stall. Today the special prize if any one of them knocks down all their tin cans is a large vintage teddy bear. Pingu and Pinga like the look of this prize and are both determined to win.

Pingu throws first. His first ball knocks down half of all his six cans and this makes him feel rather conceited. He becomes so cocky that on his second go, he throws the ball backwards with his eyes covered and knocks down two. Then he blows his third ball at the last can with his beak. Pingu wins the prize, but he is not prepared to share it with Pinga.

To cheer Pinga up, the stallholder puts her and Pingu to the test, to see if she can do better. To make sure that Pinga wins, the stallholder sneakily puts a magnet under Pingu's tower of cans. Pinga throws first but misses, then Pingu has his go and knocks down four of his cans. Pinga then throws her second ball and misses again, while Pingu knocks down another can with his. On her third throw, Pinga manages to knock off the top most can from her tower, but it does not look like she is going to win. Pingu laughs out loud at the thought of his impending victory. He laughs so much that he does not motice the stallholder sneakily slip Pinga an extra ball. Pingu then throws his last ball, but the magnet under the shelf holds the last can in place and it does not fall over. Pingu can hardly believe his eyes and when he sees Pinga's extra ball, he is even more bewildered. Pinga throws her extra ball and knocks away two more cans. Then without anyone else noticing, the stallholder gives the shelf a quick kick and all the other four cans fall down.

Pinga is thrilled and the stallholder applaudes her, pretending not to have cheated for her. Admitting defeat, Pingu gives Pinga the teddy bear and as the stallholder goes back to producing music from the barrel organ, the two young penguins wave goodbye to him and sledge happily back for home.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • The Fairground


  • In the first shot, the front door of the igloo opens by itself.


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