Pingu Makes a Big Splash
Season 06, Episode 25
Air Date March 2, 2006
Previous Pingu and the Paint
Next Pingu and the Abominable Snowman
Pingu Makes a Big Splash is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 6. It was written by Angela Farnworth and James Taylor.


Today, Pingu and Pinga are being taken swimming with their dad. Pingu is looking foward to diving off the highest point of the diving column, but Dad tells him he is not big enough. Pingu joins Pinga and Dad in the pool, when his friends Pingi, Pingo and Pingg arrive. Pingu then decides to join his friends on the diving column and as Pingo and Pingg dive off the lower section, Pingu dares himself to dive off the higher section to impress Pingi. He edges up to the middle section, but he is sure he can do better than that so he goes up to the highest point, ignoring Dad's warning.

As Pingu edges further towards the edge, he begins suddenly nervious at how high up he is. Then the ledge starts to crack and his friends start cheering him on, so Pingu has no choice but to jump. But when Pingu jumps off the edge, he freaks out again and grabs back hold of the ledge, dangling dangerously above the pool. Dad calls to Pingu to climb back up again, but there are no hand holds and Pingu slips off the edge and plummets head first into the pool with a big splash. His friends are bowled over and give him a mark of eight fish, although Pingo and Pingi think Pingg should give Pingu more than just one.

Dad on the other hand is far from pleased with Pingu for deliberately disobeying his orders. Pingu promises he will never use the highest point on the diving column again until he is very much bigger. Pingu and his friends then round off their day at the swimming pool by giving Dad and Pinga a diving denonstration on the lower point of the diving column.


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