Pingu Plays Fish Tennis
Season 01, Episode 09
Pingu and Robbie and Fish
Air Date October 29, 1988
Previous Barrel of Fun
Next Skiing

Pingu Plays Fish Tennis is the ninth episode of the first season which was originally on October 29, 1989.


Robby the seal jokingly attacks Pingu with snowballs. Pingu is enticed immediately to join an acrobatic game in which a large pink fish is the object of their japery. Pingu, in a bizarre Motherent of claustrophobic inertia, finds the fish's mouth trapped over his head and Robby, briefly abandoning his joking around, aids his relatively new friend by removing the fish from Pingu's head.

They then play a tennis-style game using the fish. However, the fish is eventually caught on the rope and, after a futile attempt to retrieve the fish, Pingu retrieves it using a pair of ice-stilts placed conveniently by his igloo. Robby strips the fish of its skin and flesh and divides the fish into two equal parts.



  • In the new version, there is a video mix-up in the middle where it goes back to an earlier part for 5 seconds, then switches to where it was, missing out the bit where the fish gets stuck on the washing line. This does not happen in the earlier versions and the early redubbed version.
  • Before the fish gets stuck on the washing line, Pingu disappeared for a brief period of time and then walks back into the scene because of the video mix-up in the new version.
  • When the fish gets caught on the washing line, the fish is attached to a string.
  • As Robby is eating his share of the fish, he appears messily covered in fish. But in the next scene, he is clean.


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