Pingu Plays Tag
Season 05, Episode 24
Air Date February 4, 2004
Previous Pingu and the Doorbell
Next Pingu's Pancakes
 Pingu Plays Tag is the twenty-fourth episode of the fifth season. It was written by Olly Smith.


Pingu and Pinga are playing tag with rolls of newspaper. Pingu manages to tag Pinga, but he is too fast and sneaky for her; at one point Pingu hides under his bed so that Pinga cannot see him. All the time, Pingu and Pinga running around the igloo while Dad is busy ironing. Soon they bump into the ironing board and a pair of knickers land on Dad's beak, at point he orders them to play outside.

Outside Pingu carries on running and when Pinga trips over, he takes his opportunity to hide while his well ahead of her. Pingu climbs up onto the top of an arch of ice and as soon as Pinga passes underneath without seeing him, he decides to come back down again, but it is so high and so fragile that he is too scared to come down.

Pinga comes home for dinner, her search for Pingu having proved unsucessful. Mum and Dad go out on the tractor sledge to help in the search. They search for hours and it is soon very dark and cold. From ontop of his perch, Pingu is so cold, an icicle is hanging from his beak. Then he hears his family calling him. Using the roll of newspaper he used for the game of tag they played earlier, Pingu calls to his family and Dad stops the tractor sledge directly underneath the arch. Dad climbs up onto the back of the tractor sledge and Pingu nervously jumps off the arch and into his father's arms.  Once he is safe, Mum wrapps Pingu up in a warm blanket gives him a great big hug.

Back home, the blanket is ironed and placed neatly on Dad's pile of ironing. While Pingu is distracted, Pinga takes her chance to tag him and suceeds. Having finally finished his ironing, Dad suddenly brings out a rolled up newspaper and tags Pingu too. Pingu laughs and chases after Dad, ready to join in the game again.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Pingu's Shed

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