Pingu Shows What He Can Do Is the fifth episode of the fourth season

Pingu Shows What He Can Do
Season 04, Episode 05
Air Date January 9, 1998
Previous Pingu and the Big Fish
Next Pingu Clears the Snow


Pingu and Pinga are playing outside the igloo with the bricks, seeing how high they can get a pile without them falling over. Then Pingi arrives on her scooter and, unseen by Pingu, watches him playing with Pinga. Pingu and Pinga laugh when a particularly high pile of blocks collapses and so does Pingi; Pingu hears her and is most surprised. He tries to pretend that he can be more grown up than that and starts acting more macho. Pingi asks Pingu if he would come with her, on his scooter. Pingu leaves Pinga to carrying on playing on her own, and goes off on his scooter with Pingi. As they ride away he pretends that he’s riding a motorbike by blowing rasberries that sound like he is reving his engine. Pinga can not understand what it is about Pingi that makes Pingu start acting more grown up, but she just decides to forget it and goes back to playing with her building blocks. Her mother soon comes outside and sees Pingu and Pingi riding away on their scooters and then sees that Pinga is playing on her own, so she joins her.

As Pingi goes on ahead, Pingu hides behind a nearby column of ice, then calls out to her. Pingi then returns, stops near the column and looks around for Pingu. Pingu pops out from behind the column and then scoots away with Pingi following in hot pursuit. They soon reach some abandoned igloos. Pingi gets off her scooter and enters one of them and Pingu follows her. Pingu then kisses Pingi's wing and she responds by giving him a big kiss on his cheek. Pingu is so elated, he exuberantly performs all sorts of tricks on his scooter, to Pingi’s amusement. They then ride around the igloos for a bit longer before making their way back to Pingu’s home. When they arrive, they find that Pingu's mother has built another tower of bricks for Pinga, which Pinga then blows down, and they all laugh happily together.




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