Pingu Takes Revenge
Season 03, Episode 14
Air Date June 13, 1996
Previous Pingu and the Paper Plane
Next Pingu Makes a Mistake
Pingu Takes Revenge is the fourteenth episode of Season 3.


Feeling rather jealous when he catches sight of Pingu and Pingi kissing again, Pingg throws a snowball at Pingu's head. Pingu looks behind him to see Pingg laughing at him. A snowball fight instantly ensues. When Pingg throws another snowball into Pingu's eyes, Pingu chases him back to his igloo. With Pingg safely inside his home, Pingu has currently lost the fight, but he is still determined to get Pingg back outside and take revenge.

Seeing the wooden bridge running over the pond and leading up to the front door outside Pingg's igloo, Pingu has an idea. He rushes quickly back home to his shed and borrows the saw. Back by the pond, he slices a crack through the width of the bridge, enough to make Pingg fall into the water when he stands on it. Pingu then backs slowly away from the bridge, hides the saw and then shouts to Pingg and throws snowballs at the front door of his igloo. Pingg furiously rushes out ready to fight back, that is until he sees Pingu's Grandpa coming. Pingu is shocked when sees Grandpa heading towards the bridge. Pingu rushes quickly onto the bridge and waves and jumps up and down to make Grandpa stop. As Pingu jumps up and down, the crack he made spreads right across the width of the bridge and he splashes into the water. Pingg laughs at Pingu's fall, but Grandpa is shocked and with the help of two other passing penguins, he fishes a frozen Pingu out of the pond.

Back home, Pingu is made three pots worth of hot soup and is tucked up in bed with lots and lots of hot water bottles to warm him up after his plunge. Needless to say Pingu will not be taking revenge again any time soon.



  • Pingg's Igloo
  • Pingu's Shed
  • Pingu's Igloo


  • Pingi's voice sounds more like Pinga's.
  • There was no need for a bridge to be built across the pond. Anyone could have just walked around it.
  • Penguins can swim, so Pingu's plan to make Pingg fall in the pond would have been worthless and whoever would have fallen in the water could have swam to the surface long before freezing inside a block of ice.
  • In real life, Pingu would not have survived freezing inside a block of ice.
  • Penguins are supposed to handle cold water in real life, so how could Pingu freeze inside a block of ice when he is a penguin?


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