Pingu Teases Pinga
Season 4, Episode 15
Air Date January 23, 1999
Previous Pingu the Pilot
Next Pingu's Wish

Pingu Teases Pinga is the fifteenth episode of Season 4.


Today Pingu seems to be in a rather mean mood today; he keeps taking Pinga's toy rabbit and putting under the Snowman's arm where she cannot reach for it. Their parents tell Pingu to stop, but as soon as their backs are turned again, he starts again. At one point Pinga gets so annoyed, that she tries to throw a snowball at him, but it hits the doorbell instead. The ring wakes Dad up after he dozes off in front of the ironing. Pingu chases after Pingu just before Dad answers the door. Whilst the two young penguins are not there, Dad takes the toy rabbit from the snowman's arm, but then gets an idea to make Pingu learn his lesson. He puts Pingu's toy tractor on top of the snowman's head and then he goes back indoors. Pinga is delighted to find her rabbit back on the ground, but Pingu is not very happy when he sees his toy tractor on the snowman's head. Not even he can reach that high. All the while, Dad is listening in on them and as soon as Pingu starts to get upset, he goes back outside again and gets the tractor back down for him. Dad's plan has worked, but despite being taught a lesson, even Pingu has to laugh about the whole thing.



  • At various points, the front door opens and closes by itself.
  • Dad is smoking again.
  • At one point when Pingu reaches up for his tractor, it shifts slightly.


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