Pingu Wants to Fly
Season 05, Episode 05
Air Date August 29, 2003
Previous Pingi's Valentine Card
Next Pingu's Windy Day
Pingu Wants to Fly is the fifth episode of the fifth season. It was written by Liz Whitaker.


Whilst having a snowball fight with Robby, Pingu is amazed at the seagull's ability to fly and drop snowballs on the seal's head.

Pingu feels he would like to fly too. First he tries jumping off of a small mound of snow, to no avail. Next he tries taking a running start off a small hillock, but he falls back to the ground like a stone. Then he tries catapulting himself off of a make-shift seesaw with Robby as the ballast, but Pingu lands head first in the snow.

Just then a balloon-selling penguin comes along; Pingu feels sure he will be able to fly with those, so he buys all the balloons for a small sum of two haddocks. Robby ties the balloons around Pingu's waist and up the young penguin goes. At first Pingu enjoys floating gently on the breeze, but then he realises how high he is and starts worrying about how he is going to get back down again. Luckily, the Seagull comes to the rescue and pops the balloons with his beak. Pingu drops down on a large mound of snow which is a long way off the ground. Using the strings of the balloons, Pingu climbs safely down to the ground and decides that perhaps he has had just about enough of flying for one day.


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