Pingu Wins First Prize
Season 03, Episode 21
Air Date August 1, 1996
Previous Pingu Feels Left Out
Next Pingu and the Ghost
Pingu Wins First Prize is the twenty-first episode of the third season which was broadcast on August 1st, 1996.


Pingu buys a ticket for Miss Peng-Hoven and wins a first prize at the life-time's supply of best quality fish. Pingu runs quickly home to tell Mother, who rings up the number on the ticket for someone to deliever the fish. After the delivery penguin leaves, Pingu feels that his Miss Peng-Hoven's needs are greater than his so with his mother's permission, he sledges the fish to Miss Peng-Hoven just as she is tending to his ill father. Miss Peng-Hoven is most touched indeed and just as Pingu leaves, she calls the young penguin back to give him a reward. Pingu is delighted with the yo-yo he is given, which he would rather have than a life-time's supply of fish any day. As Miss Peng-Hoven waves goodbye, Pingu feels a very lucky penguin indeed.




  • When Pingu stops his sledge to go back and get his yo-yo from Miss Peng-Hoven, his backpack is sitting on the sledge.


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