Pingu Wraps Up
Season 06, Episode 16
Air Date December 1, 2005
Previous Green-Eyed Pingu
Next Pingu and the Fish Flute

Pingu Wraps Up is the sixteenth episode of Season 6. It was written by Peter Reeves.


Whilst Pingu and Pinga are chasing each other round the igloo, Pinga runs into the leg of one of the dining chairs and stubs her flipper. Pingu quickly fetches the first aid kit and Mum bandages up Pinga's injury. As Pingu watches, he suddenly becomes fascinated by the bandages and finds them a rather new and exciting toy. So when Mum pops into the other room to find some scissors and chop the end of Pinga's bandage, Pingu wraps the end around Pinga's another flipper and her right wing, tears the end of the role and then goes outside with the first aid kit.

Outside Pingu goes everywhere wrapping everything and everyone in bandages. He bandages up the snowman's head and the tractor sledge outside his igloo. Then he goes round to Grandpa's igloo and wraps bandages all around Grandpa's body until he looks almost like an Egyptian mummy. When Pingu has left, Grandpa can hardly move to do anything at all, let alone to eat his lunch. So he telephones Dad to come and rescue him quickly, but because Pingu has already wrapped up his tractor sledge in bandages, Dad has to ski over to Grandpa's igloo.

Meanwhile Pingu has now bandaged up the sign hanging outside the bakery, two set of skis, a penguin waiting by the bus stop which has also been wrapped up, two barrels, a see-saw, a news board, a dustin bin, the whole of another snowman, a fishing rod and someone canoeing equipment. He is just about to bandage up the sign outside the wool shop, when Dad skis over and catches him in the act. Pingu feels very silly and so he goes around with Dad on his skis and the two of them unravel everything and everyone from their bandages.

On their way home after all their work is done, Pingu and Dad are having a good laugh over their adventure, but they are not watching where they are going. Before they have time react, they crash into a column of ice and one of the skis is broken. Luckily Pingu has the answer, he uses his bandages to join the two pieces of the broken ski back together. Dad is very pleased that Pingu is now using his bandages properly and the two of them carry on happily for home.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Grandpa's Igloo

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