Pingu and His Cup
Season 4, Episode 26
Air Date April 9, 2000
Previous Pingu Loses the Bet
Next Pingu's Bouncy Fun
Pingu and His Cup is twenty-sixth and final episode of Season 4 of Pingu.


Today is the school sports days' final with their finalists Pingu, Pingo and Robby. Pingu and Robby have a long way to go with them not gaining any points yet and Pingo wining at everything so far.

Then Pingo and Robby both successfully knock the ball through the hole in the ice, gaining robby his first set of points, but Pingu accidently kicks the ball into Mr. Peng-Chips' head, so he gets a third cross on the scoreboard and still ends up with no points. 

Now it is time for the sledge race, but Pingu cannot get his sledge going, so he takes a running start towards the slope and then jumps onto his sledge. Pingu soon catches up, racing well ahead of Robby and has a narrow lead with Pingo. On the way back, Pingo is determined to beat Pingu, but he hits a rock buried under the snow, catapults out of control off the cliff and crashes head first into a ledge, instantly destroying his sledge. Seeing that Pingo has disappeared, Pingu stops and goes back to see what happened to him. When he sees Pingo with his head in the snow, Pingu plops his unconscious friend onto his sledge and helps him to the finishing line and into the medical tent. Robby has already won the race, but when Pingo speaks up for Pingu for saving his life and Mr. Peng-Chips makes makes him the winner of the sports days' finals.Pingu is awarded the sports day' cup and he has his photograph taken for the newspapers.

Pingu rushes straight home to tell his dad. He puts the cup down on top of the stove and to look for him and eventually finds him sawing wood outside. Pingu excitedly explains about how he won and rushes inside to show Dad the cup, but he has left it on top of the stove for so long that it has melted into a big puddle. Pingu is most upset, but then remembers the photograph that was taken of him holding the cup, and he shows it to Dad. Dad is most impressed and Pingu is glad to have something that will forever say he won the sports days' finals, even if the cup is now just a puddle.



  • This was the last episode in the original series of Pingu. The show remained three years off production. The series returned in 2003 with two new seasons.
  • This was the last episode to feature Carlo Bonomi as the voice of Pingu and the other characters.
  • This is the last episode to be produced by The Pygos Group.


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