Pingu and Pinga Go Camping
Season 05, Episode 18
Air Date January 27, 2004
Previous Pingu Gets Lost
Next Stinky Pingu

Pingu and Pinga Go Camping is the eighteenth episode of Season 5. It was written by Rosy Lloyd.


Pingu and Pinga are going to spend a night camping outside the igloo in a tent. Their tent is made out of some old sheets draped over the washing line and joined together with clothes' pegs. By night time everything is ready and they both have all their bedtime belongings with them. However Pingu is not happy that Pinga has brought her toy rabbit out with her; he does not want to be kept awake by the squeaky noise it makes. Just as they are going to bed, Pingu pretends that Pinga's rabbit is a scary little monster. Pinga is easily convinced and she throws the rabbit out of the tent. At last everything is quiet, so Pingu and Pinga go straight to sleep.

Suddenly Pingu hears a strange noise outside and a scary looking monsterous shadow is cast on the side of the tent. Needless to say, Pingu and Pinga are very frightened. Pinga pushes Pingu towards the entrance of the tent, so he goes to investigate. Pingu shines his torch round the corner of the tent and is most relieved to discover that it is only Robby scoffing their food supplies.

Pingu is so glad that there was no monster after all, he lets Pinga have her toy rabbit back and Robby joins them for a midnight feast in the tent.


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