Pingu and Pinga Stay Up
Season 01, Episode 16
Air Date April 7, 1990
Previous Building Igloos
Next Music Lessons

Pingu and Pinga Stay Up is the sixteenth episode of the first season which was originally aired on April 7, 1990.


While Father is out with his friends, Mother is at home with Pingu and Pinga. It is time for Pingu and Pinga to go to bed but they are having so much fun that Mother sees no reason to send them off yet. First they play with their blocks, then after a quick run round the toy box Pinga knocks the tower blocks over and Pingu gets into an argument with her. Mother's peace is disturbed and she tells them it is time for bed and tells Pingu to brush his teeth.

Pingu clears the blocks back into the toy box and then skates off to the bathroom with the block boxes on his feet. Mother is happy to hear what she thinks is the sound of beak brushing in the bathroom, but really Pingu is sitting on the toilet reading a comic and rubbing his beak brush up and down on the side of the bathtub.

After giving Pinga her last milk, Mother sets her on her potty. Pingu comes out of the bathroom and after seeing his cleaning wings and the beak paste he has just squirted on his teeth, Mother contently goes to do the beds. As soon as Mother goes into the bedrooms, Pingu kicks Pinga's potty and sends her skating across the room. As a punishment, Mother makes Pingu go and make the beds himself. This is a task which he does not enjoy, but it can be made fun. He takes the mattress off his bed and starts jumping up and down on it like a trampoline. Mother storms into stop him, but just as she has got her young penguins together, they start to wonder off.

At last Mother gets them both to bed, but then Pinga is up again asking for more milk. After that Pingu is up again asking for something to eat, so Mother gives him a pilchard which is a very oily fish and he makes such a mess of eating it that Mother has to wipe greasy patches off his feathers. Then Pinga wants her teddy and Pingu wants the rest of her milk. When Mother stops coming to their demands (though Pinga made one to pick up her teddy after she dropped off the bed), they go out to find their exhausted mother asleep on the sofa next to a spilled glass of juice. Realising how tired Mother is, Pingu pushes their beds together and he and Pinga escort Mother to their bedroom where they all finally go to sleep together.



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