Pingu and Pinga at the Kindergarten
Season 02, Episode 23
Air Date September 7, 1994
Previous Pingu on the School Excursion
Next Pingu and the Strangers
Pingu and Pinga at the Kindergarten is the 23rd episode of the second season which was first broadcast on September 7, 1994.


Pinga is eager to go to playgroup, so while Mum is busy with the ironing, Pingu has to take her. On the way they pass Pingo and Pingg on their sledges. They ask Pingu to join in with them but he tells them that he has to go over to playgroup with Pinga. 

When they get there, Pinga introduces Pingu to the teacher and she invites him to join in with their activities today. Today, the group are making paper hats. Pinga is having a bit of trouble folding hers so Pingu helps her up. Once the entire group has made their hats, they all dance to music on the gramophone. At play time Pingu also joins the group on the slide. Before home time, the group all listen to the teacher tell them a story about a snowman. Despite being to old for playgroup now, Pingu is having lots of fun revisiting his early years.

On the way home Pingu and Pinga meet Pingo and Pingg again by the pond. They laugh out loud where they see Pingu's hat which to them proves that he went to playgroup. Pingu is determined to show his friends that he is still cool enough for them, so he takes off the hat, refolds it into a boat and floats it on the water. Pingo and Pingg are impressed by this feeble boat and they try to sink it by throwing snowballs at it. But no matter how hard they try to hit it, the boat keeps moving out of the way. They are very puzzled by this, until Robby pops up out of water. He is in the pond moving the boat about from underneath. Robby then does some balancing tricks with the boat and ends up wearing it on his head like a hat, showing that you can use it as a hat no matter which way you fold it in. All four penguins are most impressed.



  • For the BBC VHS tapes, this episode is accidentally referred to this episode as Pingu and Papa at the Kindergarten. This was fixed for later releases.


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