Pingu and the Big Fish is the fourth episode of the fourth season

Pingu and the Big Fish
Season 04, Episode 04
Air Date January 8, 1998
Previous Pingu the Mountaineer
Next Pingu Shows What He Can Do


After playing with Pinga's trumpet tossing it into Mum's bowl of bread mix, Pingu is told to go and play outside. Pingu sees one of his neighbours talking about his successful fishing trip. Pingu decides to go fishing too, so he rushes back indoors and fetches his fishing rod. On his way out, Mum reminds him to be back in time for dinner.

Pingu goes to a nearby pool and starts fishing just as Pingo comes by to watch. Pingu gets a bite, but it swims away before he can pull it up. Pingo laughs and Pingu grumpily hands him the rod, more to show him than because he is stronger. Soon Pingo gets a bite and he lifts up a lobster hanging onto the fish bait. Using its claws, the lobster snips the hook off the line and drops back into water with the bait. Just Pingu is about to blame Pingo for losing him his fishing hook, a big fish jumps out of the water and splashes back in again. Pingu and Pingo are determined to catch it, but they wonder how they going to catch it with no hook. Then Pingu has a brainwave; he takes the handle off his bucket of bait and ties it onto the end of the fishing line. Now they are able to use even larger quantities of bait. Pingo pops the line back into the water, and he and Pingu wait very very patiently, watching the surface of the water really hard.

Back home, night is falling and Dad has returned from work just in time for dinner, Pingu has not. About three hours have past since Pingu went fishing, so Dad jumps back onto his tractor sledge and drives off to look for him. He soon finds Pingu and Pingo still waiting by the pool waiting for their big catch. Just as Dad is telling Pingu to come home for his dinner, Pingu suddenly gets a bite, and with help from Dad and Pingo, he pulls a large haddock out of the water and onto the bank. They proudly take the fish back home to dinner and invite Pingo to join in as a reward for helping. Mum is most impressed with Pingu's effort and cooks the fish quickly. Pingu’s family and Pingo all enjoy their dinner and Pingu and Pingo feel most pleased with themselves for bringing home the most important part of the meal.



  • In a close up of the big fish on the dinner table, it placed with its head pointing between Pingu's dad and Pingo, but after that, it is pointing in the opposite direction towards Mum.


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