Pingu and the Doll is the twenty-second episode of the fourth season

Pingu and the Doll
Season 04, Episode 22
Air Date March 3, 2000
Previous Pingu the Baker
Next Pingu helps Grandpa


Pingu is roleplaying Indians with his teddy bear, but he later on does not think it is good enough so he tries to get Pinga's teddy bear instead. Pingu lassos the teddy, but Pinga tries to hold it back which results in the teddy's leg tearing off. Thirsting for revenge, Pinga breaks the sail off Pingu's toy boat and then runs to Mother. Pingu and Pinga argue in front of her about who is to blame. Eventually, Mother agrees that it was definitely Pingu's fault and her son slumps outside feeling mostly ashamed of himself.

Despite winning her argument with her big brother, Pinga sobs over her tawn teddy bear, but Mother soon stitches the leg back on. Pinga is very happy, but Pingu still feels bad about being so mean. Then he sees that his little sister is also happy because of the lolly-pop Mother has given her. Pingu feels that he would like to have lolly-pop too to make him even with Pinga so he tears the leg of his own teddy and takes it to Mother. As soon as she has sown the teddy's leg back on, Pingu asks Mother for a lolly-pop. Mother seeing through Pingu's plan chuckles and fetches her son his lolly. Pingu rushes back outside to Pinga and the two young penguins lick happily on their lolly-pops, glad to be truly brother and sister again.



  • This is the 100th episode in the series.
  • This episode was not shown in most of North America due to Pingu pretending to be a Native American.

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