Pingu and the Fishing Competition
Season 03, Episode 18
Air Date July 11, 1996
Previous Pingu the Superhero
Next Pingu and the Letter
Pingu and the Fishing Competition is the eighteenth episode of the third season which was broadcast on July 11th, 1996.


Pingu, Pingo and Pongi are having a friendly fishing competition, but luck does not seem to be on Pongi's side. At first while cutting fishing holes out of the ice, Pongi uses the saw all wrong and Robby has to come and help him. After that, Pongi breaks his fishing rod and Pingu and Pingo laugh at him. Then everytime a fish jumps up from Pongi's fishing hole, Pingu keeps swapping with him. Nothing seems to be looking good for Pongi, until he makes the biggest catch of the day. Pingu and Pingo and looking forward to making a good meal out of the fish, but before they can do anything, Pongi slides away with his catch leaving Pingu and Pingo shaking their fists in a rage.



  • Pongi does not wear his glasses in this episode.


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