Pingu and the Game of Fish
Season 02, Episode 19
Air Date August 10, 1994
Previous Pingu Cannot Lose
Next Pingu Gets a Bicycle
Pingu and the Game of Fish is the ninteenth episode of the second season which was first broadcast on August 10, 1994. The episode is also known as Pingu and the Disabled Penguin in some countries such as Australia.


Today Pingu and Pingo are playing practical jokes on everyone else by leaving a fish tied to a rope lying on the ground. Then they would bury the rope under the snow, go and hide and then when some comes a long and tries to pick up the fish, they would pull on the rope and the fish would fly out of their grasp.

The first passer-by comes along carrying a basket of shopping. When she sees the fish lying on the ground, she bends down to pick it up and Pingu from behind an ice shelf with Pingo, tugs on the rope and pulls the fish away, sending the shopping flying. Pingu and Pingo laugh out loud, while the angry pengiun picks up her shopping and goes off muttering.

Then a disabled young penguin comes along in a wheelchair. She sees the fish and is delighted, but she can not reach from her wheelchair. Pingu does not think that they should trick her but Pingo does not have his friend's heart. Despite Pingu’s attempts to prevent him, Pingu snatches the rope and pulls the fish away. The disabled penguin trys to follow the fish, then his wheelchair bumps over a lump of snow and she falls flat on the ground. Pingu and Pingo help her back into the wheelchair, and explain what they have been doing. Fortunately she sees the joke, and decides to join in the game.

When Pingu buries the rope again, he, Pingo and the disabled penguin go and hide for the next victim. The next passer-by sees the fish, but he takes a close look at it and spots the rope has not been covered up properly, so he gives it a big tug and Pingu falls off the ice-shelf, hitting his flipper against the lump snow. While Pingo and the disabled penguin see to Pingu's injury, the passer-by chuckles at having outwitted the young penguins, unties the roof and eats the fish then and there.

Pingu rides home on the back of the disabled penguin's wheelchair with Pingo pushing. When he gets home, Pingu thanks the disabled penguin for her help and his mother bandages his foot. The disabled penguin then amuses them by doing “wheelies” in the wheelchair. Pingu, his mum and Pingo all applaud her and Pingu is very happy to have yet another special new friend.



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