Pingu and the Ghost
Season 03, Episode 22
Air Date August 8, 1996
Previous Pingu Wins First Prize
Next Pingu and the Postcard
Pingu and the Ghost is the twenty-second epsiode of Season 3.


Night has fallen and just before going to bed, Pinga is reading a story to her teddy. So engrossed is she, that she never notices her big brother Pingu. Pingu sees this as a good chance to give his little sister a scare. While Mum's attention is taken up by the cooking, Pingu quickly sneaks up and takens away the white sheet she has just ironed. Then using a red crayon, he draws a scary face on the sheet, puts it over his head and jumps out on Pinga. Pinga thinks its a really ghost and she runs screaming to Mum. Pingu thinks its a great joke, but Mum is very cross with him for not only scaring Pinga, but for also ruining the white sheet which she had just washed and ironed. For his punishment, Mum sends Pingu straight to bed without dinner. After Pinga's fright, Mum and Dad let her sleep with them tonight.

Now that Pingu is by himself, he begins to feel very scared when the wind outside picks up. It blows over a set of planks and rattles the shed door. It then blows the bedroom window open and when a sheet hanging on the wall flaps in the breeze, Pingu thinks a ghost has snuck in and he becomes really terrified. Then suddenly a light goes on in the kitchen. Pingu hears a set of load heavy echoing foots steps outside and a strange shadow can be seen in the light shining under the bedroom door. Luckily it is only Dad getting up to have a night time snack. From under his bed sheet, Pingu calls out to Dad to save him from the ghost. Dad comes in and Pingu points out what he thinks is the ghost dancing by the window. Dad puts the light on and they realise it is just the wind blowing a sheet on the coat rack. Dad shuts the window, but Pingu is still feeling very frightened. Dad therefore decides to let Pingu sleep with them too. As Dad rocks them all to sleep, Pingu decides not to tease Pinga about ghosts again.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Pingu's Shed


  • When Mum turns off the light in the Pingu's room, the light in the living room is already out even though everybody else is not going to bed for ages.
  • During the two shots when Pingu's dad is having a night time snack, the fish has some how turned over in the second shot.


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