Pingu and the Letter
Season 03, Episode 19
Air Date July 18, 1996
Previous Pingu and the Fishing Competition
Next Pingu Feels Left Out
Pingu and the Letter is the nineteenth episode of Season 3.


After a day of playing outside, Pingu comes home to find a letter on the table. He inspects it for a bit but it does not look too interesting for him to open, despite of the fact he does not even know if it is for him or not, so he decides to indulge himself in the plate of buns on the side.

Then as Pingu goes out to play again, he suddenly becomes very curious as to what is actually in the letter after all. But as Pingu opens the envelope, he hears Mum and Pinga coming back. He quickly hides the open letter under a cushion just as Pinga and Mum enter the room.

However Mum notices that there is no letter where there was one before and she and Pinga start searching everywhere for it. Pingu tries deserately to hide the letter from them, but it is so obvious to them that he is trying to hide something. However Pingu is surprised to discover that the letter was for him anyway; It was an invitation to Pingi's birthday party at 3 o'clock and it also came with a party hat to take along with him. Pinga had had an invitation too and with only a few minutes to spare, she and Pingu rush round to Pingi's igloo, along with a bunch of flowers which she and Mum had bought earlier.

At the party everyone has a wonderful time. Pingu feels very glad that he had been curious enough to open the letter and decides that sometimes curiosity can bring a happy conclusion to a day's events.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Pingi's Igloo


  • When Pingu gets home at the begining, the door shuts by itself.
  • Pingu and Pinga's invitations to Pingi's party do not have adresses on them.


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