Pingu and the Magnet
Season 4, Episode 10
Air Date January 20, 1998
Previous Pingu Gets a Warning
Next Pingu Gets Help

Pingu and the Magnet is the tenth episode of Season 4.


Pingu finds a magnet at the bottom of his toy box. He is most fasinated at how the metal ball sticks to it and how the cork one does not. This gives him an idea to play a joke on Pingo.

Outside Pingu burys the magnet under the snow and draws a circle over the spot where it is. Then when Pingo comes along, he and Pingu play a game of bowling on the target. Pingu makes especially sure that Pingo gets the cork ball, whilst he has the metal one. Pingo bowls first and manages to get his ball just inside the circle on the edge. Pingu then makes a very clumsy throw, but Pingo most astonished when Pingu's ball suddenly rolls into the centre of the target all by itself.

The two young penguins then have their second go. This time Pingu throws first; the metal ball bounces across the target but then rolls back into the centre of the circle. Now Pingo is very puzzled and Pingu laughs out loud. Then while Pingu gets called away briefly by his mother, Pingo decides to investigate. He diggs a hole in the centre of the target and pulls up Pingu's magnet. Pingo decides to get his own back, so he burys the magnet somewhere completely different and fills in the hole in the target.

When Pingu returns, he is most surprised when he throws his metal ball into the centre of the target and sees it roll out of the circle by itself. He tries again, but the ball just rolls right across the target from one side to the other. Pingo then throws his cork ball which lands in the centre of the target and he laughs fit to burst. Pingu is now very annoyed and diggs up the hole in the centre of target to find no magnet. Just Pingu realises what Pingo has been doing while he was away, a post penguin drives by his tractor sledge. The magnet jumps out from under the snow and gets stuck to the back of the tractor sledge. Pingu and Pingo watch in horror as their latest toy is towed away from them, but soon even they have to laugh over the whole experience they went through that day with a magnet.


  • Pingu
  • Pingo
  • Mum
  • Dad


  • After Pingu buries the magnet, the snow gets smoothed out by itself.
  • In real life, magnets do not attract metal object from so long a distance.
  • After Pingo buries the magnet again, the distance between it and the target keeps changing.
  • The cork ball later disappears after Pingo throws it into the centre of the target.
  • When Pingu realises that the magnet has got stuck to Dad's tractor sledge, the metal ball changes from being in his right wing to his left one.


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