Pingu and the Many Packages
Season 02, Episode 13
Air Date June 22, 1993
Previous Pingu's New Kite
Next Pingu the Conjurer's Apprentice
Pingu and the Many Packages is the thirteenth episode of the second season which was first broadcast on June 22, 1993.


Pingu is out shopping for a birthday present for Grandpa. He passes a baker and fishmonger in the market, but he does not feel that bread and fish are special enough. Then he comes to a shop selling sea shell ornaments. Pingu goes inside and spots a nice spikey looking shell. The shop keeper puts the shell into an small oval shaped box and asks for Pingu to pay her one small fish for it. As Pingu leaves the shop, he sees Pinga on her way to Grandpa's igloo with her present for him. It looks much bigger than Pingu's present, so he goes back into the shop and asks if he can have a bigger box.

Meanwhile Pinga has arrived at Grandpa's igloo just as he is admiring the birthday food basket he has been sent earlier. Pinga gives Grandpa her present, which is a framed picture of him that she hand drew herself. Grandpa hangs it up on the wall and then sits down in his armchair to listen to Pinga sing “Happy Birthday” to him. Then Pingu arrives, carrying a very big box. Grandpa opens it up, to find a slightly smaller box inside. He opens this box up – there’s another slightly smaller one inside it! Eventually, inside the fourth box, Grandpa finds the small oval shaped box, which he opens to find the spikey shell that Pingu bought. Grandpa is very impressed with his grandson's purchess and then wonders what to do with all the empty boxes he brought it in. He decides that they ought to go back to the shell shop and take back the boxes for the shop keeper to use again. He also piles the wrapping of Pinga's present into one of the boxes.

Pingu insists on carrying all the boxes himself, but the small oval shapped one falls off the top of the pile. Pinga picks it up and carries it for him. At the shop, Grandpa explains to the shop keeper why they have come. She thanks them for returning her boxed and Grandpa excorts Pingu and Pinga back to his igloo. There, Grandpa thanks Pingu and Pinga for his birthday presents and thinks how lucky he is to have two such caring grandchildren.



  • Although the fishmonger is a male penguin, he has a female head.


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