Pingu and the Mother Bird
Season 03, Episode 08
Air Date August 3, 1995
Previous Pingu's Trick
Next Pingu Quarrels With His Mother
Pingu and the Mother Bird is the eighth episode of the third season.


After another fall of snow, Mum gets Pingu to leave the fish outside to refridgerate. Once the job is done, Mum lets Pingu go off and play. As Pingu walks along, he sees a female seagull fly past by with a refridgerated fish. This puzzles Pingu, then it hits him when he realises where the fish came from and he rushes back home to find the blank space where he hang out the middle fish. Pingu is very cross, then as he looks back, the seagull swoops low over his head and steals another fish.

Pingu is determined to keep guard on the fish, so he hides under the crate with which he brought the fish out in and when the seagull swoops down to take another fish, he jumps out and tries to snatch it off her. But the seagull proves to strong for Pingu and she peels the meat off the fish and flies off, leaving an angry Pingu holding the skeleton.

Pingu storms after the seagull and follows her to a high bluff. Suddenly she flies away from it and Pingu climbs to the top to rescue his fish. But he reaches the top, there are no fish to be seen, just three hungry squawking seagull chicks. Pingu is amazed; the mother seagull took those those three fish to feed her three chicks. Sudddenly, the mother seagull flies over head and squawks at Pingu to leave her chicks alone. Pingu quickly slides to the bottom of the bluff and rushes back to the last two fish, but he is too late. Pingu grabs hold of his last fish and makes sure that the mother seagull does not get her beak on it.

However, once Pingu sees the mother seagull off, he feels bad about depriving her from feeding her chicks. Pingu decides to help the chicks, so he puts the last fish back into the crate, puts it onto his sledge and sets off for the seagull's nest. On the way, he takes more fish from the neighbours, which they also have hanging out in the open. By the time Pingu reaches the seagull's nest, his crate is full of fish for the chicks. As soon as the mother leaves the nest for more food for the chicks, Pingu throws all the fish up to the nest. The three seagull chicks squeak for joy and that makes Pingu very happy indeed.

Pingu sledges straight home, ignoring the neighbours contemplating their missing fish. On the way, the mother flies over head and squawks her thanks to Pingu for helping her feed her chicks. Pingu waves to her, feeling very helpful indeed.


  • Pingu
  • Mum


  • The mother seagull has the same puppet as the male one Pingu made friends with in the previous season.


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