Pingu and the New Scooter
Season 6, Episode 23
Air Date February 28, 2006
Previous Pingu's Big Catch
Next Pingu and the Paint

Pingu and the New Scooter is the twenty-third episode of Season 6 of Pingu.


Everyone in the igloo is doing something; Pingu is playing with a tractor toy, Pinga is playing in the toy box, Mother is dusting, and Father is vacuuming. When Father realizes the cabinet for the vacuum has a box full of toys, he asks Pingu to put it up in the workshed igloo. Pingu is annoyed and walks and picks up the box from the cabinet to take it to the shed igloo. While Pingu does this, he finds a scooter. He gets excited and goes to the scooter park. When he arrives, he finds Pingi and Pingo playing on ramps at the park. Pingu decides to show off to Pingi by riding his scooter off the tallest ramp. When he goes off the ramp, though, he lands head first into the snow! Pingu then sadly leaves dragging his scooter behind him. Pingu almost gets run over by Pingi. As he walks home, he finds a really cool scooter in a shop. Pingu then grabs the brochure for the scooter in the shop and excitedly runs home. When he arrives home, he begs his Father to let him show him something. Once Father tears his attention away from the newspaper, Pingu excitedly shows his Father the brochure for the scooter he wants. Father says he'll buy it only if Pingu cleans up the mess near the doorway. Pingu does this very quickly, and then walks out the door to get a nasty surprise: Pingg has already bought the scooter! Father tells Pingg to leave, and Pingu sadly tells him that's the scooter he wanted. He then angrily drags the old scooter to the workshed igloo and tears it to pieces. Father brings the broken scooter to the workbench. He then asks for a hammer. Pingu gives him one, but Father says it's not the one he wanted. Pingu then brings him another hammer. Then he slowly walks away, then crumples the brochure and tosses it to the floor, crying. Then he looks over his shoulder to find Father holding 2 big wheels in his hands. Pingu then realizes his father is building him a cool scooter!

The next day, Pingg is showing off his scooter to Pingo and Pingi when the group hears Pingu. Pingg points in one direction, and the camera changes to show Pingu and his cool scooter. Pingu turns around from his position on the ramp and starts rolling, then jumps in the air, turning the scooter's handlebars, and landing safely. Father then applauds for Pingu. The other three come over to join him, with Pingg trying to do the same trick as Pingu, resulting in Pingg's scooter getting momentarily stuck in between the sides of the halfpipe. Pingg then angrily rides off on his scooter while the others are happily playing on the ramps.


  • The vacuum is the same one from Pingu At The Wedding Party
  • Pingu's new scooter is simular to Pingg's. Except Pingu's is red with a double yellow stick for the flag. It is also longer & taller.

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