Pingu and the Paper Mache
Season 06, Episode 10
Air Date January 10, 2005
Previous Pingu and the Toyshop
Next Sore Tummy Pingu
Pingu and the Paper Mache is the tenth episode of Season 6. It was written by Olly Smith.


It is a windy day and Mr. Peng-Chips is showing his class how to make paper mache objects. By coating a wire skeleton in soggy newspaper, he makes a paper mache fish. Pingu is fascinated at how you can make use newspaper to make new toys. Then when Mr. Peng-Chips' register blows away, Pingu takes the opportunity to play with the fish. He dips it in the school fishing hole and ruins it. Pingu tries to remake the fish, but he cannot get it just right. Pingg laughs at him and Pingu, feeling rather insulted, throws a piece of pasty paper at his chest and a paper mache fight ensues.

Part way through their fight, Pingu trips over and the rest of the class paste him all over in newspaper until only his flippers and beak are showing. Meanwhile, Mr. Peng-Chips catches his register, before realising that he is on the edge of a cliff which gives way underneath him. Pingg then puts Pingu on his side and is just starting to roll him around the class when Mr. Peng-Chips returns and he is not very pleased with what is going on. Pingg lets Pingu hoist himself and jump into the fishing hole to wash off his paper mache jacket. Mr. Peng-Chips then shows Pingu how to make a paper mache penguin, without needing to paste any of his students. Pingu and his friends then go home having felt they have had lots of fun this day.


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