Pingu and the Postcard
Season 03, Episode 23
Air Date August 15, 1996
Previous Pingu and the Ghost
Next Pingu's Discovery
Pingu and the Postcard is the twenty-third episode of Season 3.


A postcard from Hawaii is delivered to Pingu's igloo. The picture shows a beach fringed with palms where a dancer is wearing a garland made of flowers and dancing to the music that a drummer is playing. Pinga wants a garland of pretty flowers too but Pingu is not sure if he can do anything about it, until Pinga points out the pot of flowers which Mum bought recently. Pingu picks the heads off all the flowers and fashions them into a garland for Pinga. He then picks off all the leaves and uses them to resemble the palm trees on the Hawaiian beach. Finally he empties out the soil and stems from the pot, turns the pot upside down and places a sauce pan on top of it. Beating the pan with a wooden spoon, Pingu starts making music with his make-shift drum which Pinga starts dancing to and the two of them reanact the Hawaiian beach scene.

When Mum arrives home, she listens to her young penguins having fun and smiles as she opens the door. Once inside, Mum is happy about the game they are playing first enjoys what she finds them doing, but when she sees what has happened to her flowers, she screams and falls in a faint on the floor. Pingu and Pinga rush over to her and Pinga tries to tap her awake, but Mum does not come round. They are just wondering what to do when Dad comes back from work. They help Mum into the armchair and Dad decides it is best leave her there until she comes to. Pinga shows Dad their postcard and as he sees the picture, he realises why Mum fainted. He drives quickly round to the florists to replace the flowers which Pingu destroyed.

Back home, the new flowers are placed in front of Mum and when finally she comes out of her faint, she is delighted to see them and everyone else is very happy that she is awake. Mum and Dad are very pleased to see the postcard from Hawaii and the two of them both enjoy a repeat performance of Pingu and Pinga reanacting the Hawaiian beach party.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • The Florist Shop


  • After Mum faints, another spit second shot of her lying on the floor can be seen before we Pingu and Pinga staring at her.
  • Even though the florist is male, he has a female face.


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