Pingu and the Present
Season 06, Episode 08
Air Date January 12, 2005
Previous Pinga in a Box
Next Pingu and the Toyshop
Pingu and the Present is the eighth episode from Season 6. It was written by Sam Babrovskie.


Pingu is racing around the igloo with nothing much else to do; that is until he gets an invitation to Pingo's birthday party through the door. Mum gives Pingu a fish so that he can buy a present for Pingo and tells to him to take Pinga with him to the toy shop with him. Pingu is not happy about this last idea, but there is nothing he can do about it.

At the toy shop, Pingu sends Pinga off to look at the girls' toys while he looks for something to give to Pingo from the boys' section. At last Pingu picks out a green wooden aeroplane with a small penguin pilot sitting in its cockpit and the shop keeper wraps it up for him.

On the way back home, Pingu tries to run away from Pinga. Not watching where he is going, Pingu trips over a lump of snow and the toy plane flies out of his grasp and into a small cave. A small bit of snow then falls down, blocking most of the entrance of the cave and the present is trapped inside. Pingu tries to pull the present out by the trailing end of its ribbon, but it is stuck fast under the snow. Pinga suggests that she squeeze inside to rescue the present, as she is small enough to fit through the remains of the entrance. Pingu is sure it is worth a try and Pinga rolls inside easily. When Pinga returns with the present, Pingu is delighted and the two of them go home to tell Mum about their adventure.

Pingu is so grateful for Pinga's dynamic action, that he invites her to come with him to Pingo's party. When they arrive, the party is already in full swing and all of Pingo's friends. Even Punki has come to provide the entertainment. Pingo is delighted to see Pingu and is cool that he brought his little sister along, who presents him with their gift for him. Pingo is very pleased with his new plane and Pingu is very happy to be at the party with Pinga.



  • At the birthday party, Pingu introduces Pinga to Pingo, even thought they have met many of times before.

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