Pingu and the Rubberband Plane
Season 06, Episode 20
Air Date February 23, 2006
Previous Pingu and the Daily Igloo
Next Pingu and the Braces

Pingu and the Rubberband Plane is the twentieth episode of Season 6. It was written by Daryl Marsh.


Today the students of the school for enfant penguins have been allowed to bring one of their favourite toys to school with them. At playtime, Mr. Peng-Chips goes around to inspect everybody's toys: Pingu has brought his fire engine, Pingg has his swingball, Pingo has got his pogo stick, Pingi has brought her hook-a-fish game and Pongi has got a rubberband aeroplane. Everyone is most fasinated with Pongi's rubberband plane and how winding up the propeller attached to an elastic band can make it fly. Pingu is also intrigued about how the bigger the band is, the better the plane flies and the further it goes.

Pingu is just about get the plane flying with the biggest band, when Mr. Peng-Chips rings the bell for the start of the next lesson. Mr. Peng-Chips is going to teach them how to draw pie charts, which they all have a difficulty in doing, but Pingu's mind is still set on Pongi's toy aeroplane. So he slips away from the lesson, pretending he wants to go to the toilet takes the big rubberband with him. He puts the band inside the plane, winds up the propeller and sets it in the air. The plane flies all around the classroom and then away from the school without stopping, so Pingu and Pongi give chase at once.

The plane flies into the market, just as Dad is driving through on his tractor sledge. It flies around his head like an angry bee and nearly makes him crash into the fishmongers. Finally the plane comes into land just as Pingu and Pongi arrive on the scene. Dad escorts the two young penguins back to the school with the plane on the back of the tractor sledge, where is Mr. Peng-Chips is inspecting the other students shoddy attempts to draw circles.

Later Pingu has an idea to help the students draw their pie charts properly. He ties the plane to Pingg's swingball and as it flies round and round, they all use it as a guide to help them draw their circles. Mr. Peng-Chips is most impressed with the results; it just goes to show that even school work can be made fun too.



  • When Pingu attaches the plane to the swingball, the propeller starts turn all by itself, even though he does not wind it up.

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