Pingu and the School Pet
Season 6, Episode 13
Air Date November 28th, 2005
Previous Pingu Gets Carried Away
Next Pampering Pingu

Pingu and the School Pet is episode thirteen of Season 6. It was written by Graham Alborough.


Pingu is asked to look after the school's pet crab for the night. However he soon discovers that taking care of a crab is more difficult than he thought. Pingu is especially annoyed that the crab does not seem to want to get along with him as much as Pinga. The the crab runs away and goes missing, but is soon found again when Dad sits down to read the newspaper and gets a pain nip on his bottom. Dad is so cross that he does not stop to let Pingu explain, he marches outside and drops the crab into a fishing hole.

Pingu wonders how he is going to get the crab back to the school in time. Robby dives down into the fishing hole to find it, but off all the crabs he discovers, none of them is the school pet. Lucky Pingu is not put off, he takes back to school a rather simular looking green crab which has lot more politeness towards him. Mr. Peng-Chips congraulates him for looking after the crab and nobody notices how much browner its claws are.

When Pingu gets home, he finds that the other crab as got out of the water and is playing nicely with Pinga. Now Pingu knows that the crab is much living out in his natural habbit rather than in a glass box, so he and Pinga watch happily as the former school pet jumps back into the water and its new home. 



  • The class only needs to look at the crab's brown claws to know it is not the school pet.

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