Pingu and the Strangers
Season 02, Episode 24
Air Date September 14, 1994
Previous Pingu and Pinga at the Kindergarten
Next Pingu Helps His Mother
Pingu and the Strangers is the 24th episode of the second season which was first broadcast on September 14, 1994.


Pingu is going shopping at the fishmonger in the village market. Meanwhile two strange looking penguins for another area of Antarctica enter the village and everyone they meet flees in fear from them. Then Pingu arrives at the fishmonger's stall. He gets out his shopping list and is about to say what he wants, when the stallholder sees the two strangers coming and quickly closes the stall and walks away, leaving Pingu without any fish to take home. Pingu walks away and hides behind a nearby igloo, but then surreptitiously follows the two strangers out of the village to a nearby ice pool.

Another penguin is fishing. One of the strangers takes out a shell horn and blows it, making a rasping squawking noise and soon a fish drops from the sky. The other stranger catches it; Pingu is amazed. The horn is blown again; another fish drops from the sky and lands on the ground. Everyone looks up to see that the horn was able to make a seagull drop fish for them. Pingu is most impressed, but the fishing penguin still does not trust them, not even when the strangers offer the fish to him. Pingu comes out from hiding and walks up to the strangers, who give him the fish and let him have a go on their horn. Pingu blows, but only gets a gentle squeak from the horn. The strangers urge him to try again, and he gets a raspberry sound. No fish drop from the sky, but they look out across the pool and see the seagull swooping down to catch a fish and then fly back above them. The strangers urge Pingu to blow again and this time the seagull responds with a squawk and drops the fish to them. The fish is given to Pingu and soon his basket is full.

Later on, as Pingu and the strangers wait for the seagull to come back again, some of the villagers come over to look at what is happening. When the seagull flies over again, the fish is dropped on a mother's face. After initial amazement, they all laugh together. The horn is shown around and the villagers all chat happily with Pingu and the strangers. From now on they will all live in harmony and never be judgmental about outsiders ever again.



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