Pingu and the Toyshop
Season 06, Episode 09
Air Date January 13, 2005
Previous Pingu and the Present
Next Pingu and the Paper Mache
Pingu and the Toyshop is the ninth episode of Season 6. It was written by Olly Smith.


Pingu and his mother are at the market place looking, to buy a cactus. While Mum is trying to make up his mind, Pingu spots the toyshop and asks her if he can go in and have a look round while he is waiting. Mum decides that there's no reason to stop him, so she lets him go.

Pingu enters the shop, where the propiater is painting a model paint ship. Pingu is amazed at what the shop has in stock. He shows Mum a red and yellow beach ball, but she tells him he has got enough of those already. Again and again, Pingu shows a his mum a new toy he really wants, but again and again she tells him he cannot have them because he already has them.

Then Pingu spots something he does not have: a toy space rocket. It standing on the highest shelf, out of Pingu's reach, so he uses a pogo stick to reach for it. Unfortunately, Pingu is constrating on the rocket for so long, he looses control of the pogo stick and he bounces into the shelfs, out through the door and into the cacti stall. Cacti are scattered everywhere, so Pingu helps to rearrange them again, but as soon as that job is done, he also has to help tidy up the shelfs in the toyshop.

Pingu now has the toy rocket in his reach, so he goes to the counter to buy it. As the shop keeper checks the price, he accidently knocks his model ship off the counter, but Pingu just manages to save it before it smashes on the floor. Then Mum comes into the shop, her purchasing of a new cactus having proved successful and tells Pingu they are going home now. As a reward for saving his model pirate ship, the shop keeper secretively lets Pingu have the toy space rocket for free, which delights him immensely.


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