Pingu in the City
Original Run October 7, 2017 - (Japan)
Director Naomi Iwata
Writer Kimiko Ueno, Shigenori Tanabe
Starring Ryota Iwasaki and Fumiya Tanaka
Country of origin Japan
Production company Polygon Pictures, Mattel Creations
Num of episodes 52
Season: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Pingu in the City (Japanese:ピングー in ザ・シティ) is a Japanese computer-animated television series produced by Mattel Creations and Polygon Pictures, based on Pingu. It premiered on October 7th 2017 on NHK. The show will also air in North America and China.

This series is about Pingu and his family moving from their small village to a big city and trying to help penguins with their jobs.


It's about Pingu who moved from a small settlement to a big city with his family. Many penguins live in the city, and a lot of attractive work is there such as chefs, flow lists, carpenters, etc, the mischievous and curious Pingu makes a big effort to help them every time, but often fails due to too many faults. A comedy animation that features Pingu who challenges various jobs with the circumference and brightness that it has!


Early in development, the production crew "set the rule as not to change the basic image and tone". They considered making it in 2D, but Keisuke Tsuchihasi came up with the idea of remaking Pingu in 3D using CGI technology and it was "the way they could maintain the quality, touch, feel and movement of the clay animation".

Naomi Iwata decided that Pingu should move to the city.

"We adults normally don't like work, we feel it's dull to work. But Pingu can change any dull work into a funny and interesting thing to do. So let's set Pingu the chalenge to try out lots of different jobs."[1]


Screenshot Title Release date Episode number
Pingu Becomes a Star Chef! 7 October, 2017 #1
Pingu started to help at a restaurant, when the chef left the kitchen.
It is Under Construction now! 14 October, 2017 #2
Pingu is tasked in keeping the concrete on a new sidewalk untouched, but a penguin named Pikuru has other plans.
Img new ep03
"Baby-boy is a pain" 21 October, 2017 #3
While babysitting Pinga and her friends, Pingu has them form a soccer team with him as the coach.
Img new ep04
Pingu, becomes a bread making master 28 October, 2017 #4
Pingu helps Chef Fred with bread-baking.
Img new ep05
Super sub appearance 4 November, 2017 #5
When one of the players in the soccer team gets injured, Pingu offers to take his place.
Img new ep06
Cooking delivered! 11 November, 2017 #6
Pingu starts a home delivery service for Chef Fred's restaurant when it is closed down for renovation.
Img new ep07
We are generating electricity now! 18 November, 2017 #7
During a blackout, Pingu and Pinga discover that their next-door neighbor has created a machine that generates electricity.
Small intruder 25 November, 2017 #8


  • This marks the second return of the series.
  • Although it's CGI, it still has the same frame-rate as the last 2 seasons of the original.





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