Pingu the Archer
Season 4, Episode 8
Air Date January 14, 1998
Previous Pingu Has a Day Off
Next Pingu Gets a Warning

Pingu the Archer is episode eight of Season 4.


After another fall of snow, Grandpa diggs up his old bow and arrows and decides to give them to Pingu as a present. Grandpa telephones Pingu's igloo, but Mum is busy cleaning the bathroom so Pingu answers the phone for her. Pingu is very excited at the prospect of getting a present and he sledges straight round to Grandpa's igloo.

At Grandpa's place, Pingu ecstatically accepts the bow and arrows Grandpa makes up an archery target for him out of the lid of an old barrel. However Pingu has never done archery before and finds hitting the target very difficult. Grandpa laughs and soon goes back inside to let Pingu get some more practice. Pingu is not happy that Grandpa laughed and decides to get his own back by using his igloo as the target. Grandpa is shocked when an arrow suddenly flys through the front door and lands on one of his apples. Then another arrow smashes though Grandpa's window and he is very cross. It is only when another arrow is shot through the broken window into his bottom that Grandpa gets on the phone again and angrily tells Mum what Pingu has been doing. Pingu hears Grandpa shouting down the phone and he quickly sledges straight for home where Mum is sternly waiting for him.

Mum confiscates Pingu's bow and arrows and tells him to tidy up the firewood before dinner. Pingu resigns himself to this task, but when Mum goes back indoors, he finds a way of getting this job done quickly. Using the broom which had been propped up against the snowman, Pingu quickly sweeps the wood into a nice neat pyramid shaped pile round the side of the igloo. When the job is done, Pingu balances the broom on the end of his beak and then flings it back into the snowman's hand, just as Mum comes back outside to see how he is getting on. Mum is very impressed; Pingu may not be very good at archery, but he always knows how to get a chore done fast and with a sense of fun as well.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Grandpa's Igloo


  • When Pingu leaves his igloo, the front door opens by itself.
  • Grandpa uses the same crayon to draw out the archery target, but the two circles he draws are two different colours.
  • As Pingu starts sweeping the wood into the pile, one piece of wood standing on its own suddenly moves a few degrees round by itself.


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