Pingu the Baker is the twenty-first episode of the fourth season

Pingu the Baker
Season 04, Episode 21
Air Date February 2, 2000
Previous Pingu the King
Next Pingu and the Doll


Pingu walks past a shop with a large cake on display, sees it is a bakery and decides to have a look. He peeps his head round the day to see the baker mixing something in a bowl. There is a lovely smell running through out the shop as the baker goes to the oven to check the bread he’s baking. The baker sees Pingu and greets him and shows him how to make the baking mixture. While the bakery goes to get the yeast, Pingu can not resist sneaking a taste of the mixture. The baker shows Pingu what to do with the yeast, and then takes the bread out of the oven. He presents Pingu with a baker’s hat and Pingu excitedly thanks the baker and rushes off home to do some baking himself.

He gets all the ingredients out, and finds a bowl to mix them in. Pinga comes out of the bedroom to see what her brother is doing. Pinga is very keen to help and fetches the whisk for Pingu to stir the mixture with. Pingu starts to mix in the ingredients, but can’t get much out of the first packet and throws it away where it hits the wall with a splat. Pingu compensates by putting the entire contents of the other packets into the mixture, and stirs vigorously, spilling quite a lot of the mixture in the process.

Pingu then adds the yeast, but can not remember how much he needs to put, so pours the lot in. The mixture gets another good stir, and Pingu tries it. It is starting to taste good so he lets Pinga have a lick of the whisk. Pingu gets a baking tray and tips in the mixture and while it bakes in the oven, he and Pinga clear up the mess he made earlier. Then the stove starts rattling and jumping and the oven door starts bulging. Pingu and Pinga take cover in the toy box. Mother and Father arrive home just as a giant loaf of bread jumps out of the oven. They all go over to inspect it and the aroma is sensational.



  • The Bakery


  • When Mother and Father come home, the door comes open by itself in between shots.


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