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Pingu the Chef
Season 02, Episode 08
Air Date February 9, 1992
Previous Pingu the Icicle Musician
Next Pingu's Family Celebrate Christmas

Pingu the Chef is the eighth episode of the second season which was first broadcast on February 9, 1992.


While their parents are out for the day, Pingu and Pinga decide to cook some pop-corn.

Pingu puts a pan on the warm stove and Pinga brings him a cob of corn. Pingu puts the corn into the pan where they start popping and jumping up and down until he puts the lid on. They soon have a full pan of popcorn which they both gobble up straight away.

Pinga wants to make more pop-corn, so she runs into the bathroom and puts wood into the boiler, while Pingu loads all the corn he can inside and puts on the lid. Pop-corn soon starts popping in masses out of the boiler and all over the floor. Pingu wonders what they are going to do with it all. Then he has an idea and while Pinga starts filling all the pop-corn into boxes, he fetches his sledge and loads four boxes ontop.

Pingu sets off round the neighbourhood delivering pop-corn to everyone. He gives away one to the post office, one to a mother with three triplet babies triplets and one to Mr. Peng-Hoven. Pingu is now down to his last box; he goes back and tries to give it to the mother with three children but she curtly refuses it; the babies have messed up the igloo with the box they have already. He tries the post office, but the post master is full up. So Pingu and Pinga pour the pop-corn into an empty crate and post it to Mr. Peng-Hoven, who is still struggling to eat what Pingu had brought him earlier.

Back home, Pingu and Pinga are sharing the last plateful of popcorn, when they suddenly realise that their parents will be coming back soon, and they rush to finish off in time before they come through the front door. By the time Mum and Dad arrive home, Pingu and Pinga are snuggled up in bed with fat tummies. They offer their young penguins gifts of a bag of popcorn each! To their parents surprise, Pingu and Pinga refuse their presents and quickly put the covers back over themselves and go back to sleep.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • The Post Office
  • Mr. Peng-Hoven's Igloo


  • This episode marks the third time where Pingu is shown with teeth.


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