Pingu the Conjurer's Apprentice
Season 02, Episode 14
Air Date June 29, 1993
Previous Pingu and the Many Packages
Next Pingu's Birthday
Pingu the Conjurer's Apprentice is the fourteenth episode of the second season which was first broadcast on June 29, 1993.


Pingu invites Pingi round to his igloo to put on a magic show for her and Pinga. Pingu starts off the show with a scarf and tube trick, Then he disappears behind a sheet leaving only his hat and the sheet behind and then reappears in his trunk, puzzling them with his multipling hat trick. 

Next Pingu brings Pinga up to help him with his magic snowman trick. Pingu puts a sheet over the snowman's head and then removes it reveal many of his different friends' heads. Then Pinga is made to disappear inside a box and then reappears inside the trunk. Pingi sees how this is achieved and is most impressed. 

Pingu then shows off his levitation trick, but Pingi already knows how this is being done and cheekily tells Pinga to cut the strings attached to the sheet with scissors, much to Pingu's annoyance. Pingi laughs and claps at such a funny site. Pingu finishes off the show by folding up the sheet he used for the levitation trick and throwing it into the air, where it shimmers and disappears in a mass of stars. Pingu takes a bow and Pingi and Pinga's applauce give him the satisfaction that he put on a perfect show like any magician should.




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