Pingu the Icicle Musician
Season 02, Episode 07
Air Date February 2, 1992
Previous Pingu's Curling Game
Next Pingu the Chef
Pingu the Icicle Musician is the seventh episode of the second season which was first broadcast on February 2nd, 1992.


Pingu meets up with Robby and Pingo. They play a game where one person has to find the others and, once they found, have to get back “home” before they do.

Pingu starts as the finder who counts while Robby and Pingo hide. When Pingu starts looking for them, Pingo creeps up and gets back home before he notices. Pingu then spots Robby’s tail sticking out of some ice blocks, and throws a snowball at it. Robby chases after Pingu, but he gets back home first, so now Robby has to count.

Pingu and Pingo go and hide, but Pingo does not realise that he has working right through a puddle is leaving a trail of footprints behind him. Robby follows these and chases Pingo back home. After a debate about who got back first, they both go off to look for Pingu, but they can’t find him anywhere.

Then Pingo hears some clanging sounds and finds Pingu inside an ice cave, hitting icicles hanging from the ceiling, with a smaller icicle he broke off. Pingo is amazed at how many icicles there are in this cave and joins in making  music with Pingu. Then they both hear a deeper tone of clangs and Robby helps turn their orchestra into a trio. Pingu then plays a solo tune on the icicles and Pingo and Robby both applaud their friend, the "Icicle Musician".



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