Pingu the Pilot
Season 4, Episode 14
Air Date January 22, 1999
Previous Pingu's Dangerous Joke
Next Pingu Teases Pinga

Pingu the Pilot is the fourteenth episode of Season 4.


Pingu is looking at a picture book about aeroplanes. Then he hears the buzzing sound outside; he and Pinga go outside and see a biplane flying overhead. The thought of flying excites the two young penguins and Pingu fishes out his toy aeroplane from the toy box. He then sets the plane in the air and it flys into the ceiling. The plane falls onto a saucepan and the contents is spilt all over the floor. The noise instantly graps Mum's attention whilst she is sorting out Pingu and Pinga's beds.

Pingu decides he had better play with his toy plane outside, but secretly he starts thinking that it will not be as good as trying to fly for real. Then he has an idea and rushes off to the shed. Pinga later goes into the shed herself to find Pingu once more customising his sledge. He place one long plank of wood across the middle of the sledge and adds a tail to the back end of it to make it look like an aeroplane. Pinga is very excited and she goes and fetches her toy rabbit for take off. The two young penguins come on their plane just as Dad comes home from work. Pingu explains what they are up to, to which Dad pops into the shed and fetches something that will get the plane on move: Pingu's ice surfing sail. He also lets Pingu have his work hat to indicate that he is the pilot. Then the wind picks up and so it is finally chocks away for Pingu and Pinga. The two young penguins cheer for joy and their parents are very happy that they are having fun.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Pingu's Shed


  • When Dad returns from the shed with the sail, a small speck of dirt suddenly appears next to the door.


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