Pingu the Snowboarder
Season 05, Episode 10
Air Date January 15, 2004
Previous Pinga Sleepwalks
Next Pinga has Hiccups
Pingu the Snowboarder is the tenth episode of the fifth season. It was written by Bella Reekie.


Robby goes round to Pingu's igloo to invite him to go snowboarding with him. Pingu calls out to his mother to say where he is going and she kisses him goodbye, which makes Robby laugh at him. Robby laughs ever more when he sees Pingu's snowboard with pink fish on it, which he thinks looks really soppy compared to the scary looking shark on his. Pingu is determined to show Robby he can be just as cool as him.

Soon they arrive at the snowboarding slopes and Robby starts off at once, spraying snow all over Pingu's head as he goes. Pingu zooms after Robby and soon they are racing head to head down the hill, overtaking Pingi along the way. Robby wins the race and teases Pingu for not being as good as him at snowboarding. Pingi joins Pingu and Robby at the next slope. Pingi goes first and takes a flying leap off the end at the bottom. Pingu goes next, but suddenly gets scared about flying off the end and drops to the bottom like stone, landing flat on his bottom. Robby laughs at Pingu again, but Pingi takes simpify on him and puts a plaster on his bottom and attaches a small safety cushion to it.

After Pingi shows Pingu how to keep his balance, they start again. Pingu fails to land up right again, but these time he does not hurt himself thanks to his special cushion attaches to his bottom. Again and again, Pingu trys to make a clean landing board first and each time something else goes wrong. First Pingu starts off down the slope, before he is even ready and he gets stuck on a small mound and gets his snowboard stuck in the snow. Next he nearly crashes into Pingg whilst skiing and then looses his board.

Eventually, Pingu successfully manages to make the jump and land board first. Pingi applauds him, but Robby is still teasing him about his bottom protector. Robby is soon lift laughing on the other side of his face, when he takes the jump at the bottom, shows off a quick spin in mid air and crashs to the ground on his bottom. The pain makes Robby cry and suddenly realises how Pingu felt earlier, but soon all three friends are wearing bottom protectors and they finish their snowboarding day successfully and happily.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Pingu's Shed
  • The Skii Slope

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