Pingu the Superhero
Season 03, Episode 17
Air Date July 4, 1996
Previous Pingu and the Toy
Next Pingu and the Fishing Competition
Pingu the Superhero is the seventeenth episode of the third season of Pingu which was broadcast on July 4th, 1996.


Inspired by Pingo's comic book, Pingu decides to play at being a superhero too. But while Pingu runs around the house in a red and yellow cape, Pinga thinks otherwise and decides to play princess instead, due to it being much safer. Suddenly Pingu jumps off a chair on top of a table and hurts his flipper; Mother rushes him straight to the hospital where they find Pingo's own superhero act has left with his own injuries. In the end they all agree that the best way to avoid getting hurt is to play at being characters like princesses - just like Pinga.



  • Pingu's House
  • The Hospital


  • Pingu makes out that he hurt his right flipper, but they bandage his left one.
  • Pingg has a more elderly voice.


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