Poor Pinga
Season 6, Episode 6
Air Date January 10, 2005
Previous Mother's New Hat
Next Pinga in a Box

Poor Pinga is the sixth episode of Season 6. It was written by Sally Ann Lever.


When Pingu wakes up, he is shocked to find Pinga covered in spots. While Mum and Dad look after Pinga, they tell Pingu to phone for the doctor and then he is sent all over the place fetching everything for his sister. However when the doctor arrives, no one pays any attention to Pingu at all. The doctor tells Mum and Dad that Pinga should be back to normal within a few days time. Annoyed at being ignored, Pingu decides to pretend to need a doctor himself. He tries coughing and goaning in pain, but nobody notices him. Then when Pingu is sent to the bathroom to empty Pinga's potty, Pingu draws spots on his face with Mum's lipstick. When he returns to the bedroom, all attention is instantly on Pingu, until Mum dabs his head with the wet flannel. The lipstick marks are smudged and Mum, Dad and the Doctor are very cross. Then as Mum wipes the rest of the lipstick dots off Pingu's head, another set suddenly reappear out of the blue. This time it is the really thing so the doctor checks Pingu's temperature. The thermometer shows a very high measurement, so Pingu is also confined to bed and given a special sticker like Pinga. Before the doctor leaves, she gives Pingu and Pinga a lollipop each for being so brave, which makes them feel very happy indeed.



  • In the shot where Pingu is given his sticker, the animators forget to animate Pinga.
  • Very often, this episode's title is misspelt as "Poor Pingu".

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