Season 01, Episode 10
Air Date December 17, 1988
Previous Pingu Plays Fish Tennis
Next Sledging

Skiing (sometimes known as Pingu Goes Skiing) is the tenth episode of the first season which was originally on December 17, 1988.


Pingu runs out of his igloo, when he sees the snowman's carrot nose has fallen off. After he puts it back on, Pingu goes and sits on his sledge. Pingo coming along on his new skis. Pingu is most impressed and decides to tag along with him. Not having a pair of his own, Pingu uses some junk from a ruined igloo to build a make-shift pair of skis. Pingu and Pingo then climb up one of the mountains and race back down again on their skis. Coming to bumpy section, Pingo falls off and breaks his skis. Pingu tries to see if he can do any better, but just as he comes to a stop at the bottom, he ends up breaking his pair of skis too. They go over what they have got left and then set off for home arm-in-arm on one ski each.



  • In the restored version, when it shows Pingo skiing, a piece of music that sounds simular to the New World Pictures logo can be heard.


  • When Pingo and Pingu are skiing to the slope, Pingo has something in his mouth, but when he opens his mouth later, it vanishes
  • When Pingu was sitting on the sledge, Pingo appeared out of nowhere


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