Season 01, Episode 11
Air Date December 16, 1988
Previous Skiing
Next Lost Baby

Sledging (sometimes known as Pingu's Tobogganing) is the eleventh episode of the first season which was originally on December 16, 1988.


Pingu and his friends Pingo and Pingg go tobogganing up in the mountains. After a long climb up to the top, they sledge back down to the bottom again. Pingo and Pingg slide down at top speed, but Pingu is having trouble making his sledge go fast. The blades on the bottom of Pingu's sledge are rusting, so Pingo gives him a oily rag to polish them down while they have another slide down the hill.

Once his sledge blades are clean, Pingu joins his friends in their third slide down the mountain. But Pingu has now over-polished the blades of his sledge and he races past Pingo and Pingg and rockets out of control into a lump of snow. His sledge breaks on contact, but Pingu continues to slide along the snow and crashes into the snowman outside his igloo.

Pingu is stuck inside the snowman, so Pingg and Pingo move it into the igloo and start next to the stove to melts. When the snowman completely melts away to reveal Pingu, all three young penguins have a good laugh over the whole adventure.



  • The snowman outside Pingu's igloo is missing its buttons.


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