Sore Tummy Pingu
Season 06, Episode 11
Air Date November 24, 2005
Previous Pingu and the Paper Mache
Next Pingu Gets Carried Away
Sore Tummy Pingu is the eleventh episode of Season 6. It was written by Ross Hastings.


When Mum comes home from shopping, Pingu and Pinga are very excited. Mum has bought them a box of fish biscuits as a special treat. She pours them a plate each a plate full and Pingu gulps his biscuits down straight away, asking for more. Of course Mum refuses, so Pingu asks Pinga if he can have some of hers, but she does not want to miss out on her fair share of fish biscuits. Then while Mum's back is turned, Pingu takes the box of fish biscuits outside and tips the last ones down his throat.

Pingu is still crazy for more fish biscuits, so he goes to see if Grandpa has any. Pingu finds Grandpa outside his igloo enjoying a mug of cup and a plate with two fish biscuits on it. As Grandpa takes one, Pingu asks if he can have the other and not knowing about all the others he has had that, Grandpa lets him. When has finished his biscuit, Pingu asks Grandpa if he can have some more. Grandpa goes back inside to fetch the box and as soon as he returns, Pingu starts shoveling the biscuits into his beak. Grandpa warns Pingu not to have too many, but as soon as he has had enough, it is clear that Pingu has had more biscuits than he should have had. Pingu starts groan and clutching his stomach and Grandpa rushes him quickly to the hospital.

At the Hospital, the doctor explains that Pingu's sore tummy was caused from eating too many fish biscuits. The daily consumption of fish biscuits should really only be at least three and had gone way over that mark, so now he would have to stay off them for a few days. Then Mum, Dad and Pinga arrive; Pinga has brought another box of fish biscuits with her, but Pingu tells her that he cannot have anymore for a while, so she shares them out with everyone else. As Pinga has her biscuit she lets out a little burp, which makes Pingu laugh. One by one, Mum, Dad, Grandpa and the Doctor all burp too after their biscuits. After all the biscuits he has eaten that day, Pingu then lets biggest and loudest burp that anyone has ever heard all day. Pinga offers him a biscuit, but Pingu denies considering he has enough biscuits for one day.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Grandpa's Igloo
  • The Hospital


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