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Stinky Pingu
Season 05, Episode 19
Air Date January 28, 2004
Previous Pingu and Pinga Go Camping
Next Pingu and the Band

Stinky Pingu is the nineteenth episode of Season 5. It was written by Ross Hastings.


It is lunch time, but Pingu is shocked to see that they having stinky fish soup. Pingu is not happy, but he must not leave the table until he has eaten all of his soup. However Pingu is a very stubborn penguin and he just waits and waits for a very, very long time without even touching his soup. Then when Mum leaves the room, Pingu naughtily sneaks away from the table and pours all the soup into his back pack. As soon as Mum comes back and sees Pingu's empty soup bowl, she lets him leave the table.

Pingu picks up his back pack and rushes outside to find a place to dispose of all the stinky fish soup inside. He asks Robby if he would like eat the soup for him, but the seal hates it as much Pingu does. Pingu picks up a bit of the soup and wonders what to do with it. The smell makes him fling it away and it lands Robby's chest. Pingu laughs and starts throwing more soup at the seal. Robby tries to fight Pingu off and all the rest of the soup spills out of the bag all over the penguin.

Pingu rushes straight home to get washed. On his way back, Pingu passes Grandpa's igloo. As Pingu walks by Grandpa's kitchen window, it flings open and Grandpa accidently throws an unknown brown liquid all over the young penguin. Grandpa apologises and Pingu goes on his way. Then not looking where he is going, Pingu walks right into Grandpa's dustbin and he gets cover all manner of rubbish.

Pingu heads for home even more quickly than before and everywhere he goes, everyone cringes at the smell he is giving off. Pingu is so smelly, even the snowman's carrot nose falls off when he arrives back home. Pingu heads straight for the bathroom where Pinga is already taking a bath. Without being asked, Pingu jumps straight into the bath tub with Pinga and starts scrubbing. Pinga is rather cross and lets off wind in the water to express her discontent. At this Pingu hops out of the bath and gets dried off.

As soon as Pingu and Pinga are dry, dinner is served. Pingu is stunned when he discovers that they are having stinky fish soup again. Pingu is not too happy about possibly having to go through the same adventure that he had just had previously again and has to confess that he does not like stinky fish soup very much. Then when Mum gives him a roast fish dinner instead, Pingu is very relieved; to say he is glad would be putting it mildly.



  • Pingu's Igloo
  • Grandpa's Igloo


  • The brown liquid poured on Pingu is implied to be manure, as Grandpa was pouring it on his plants, which is a common practice in farms, due to manure 's fertilization properties.


  • After getting covered in soup, Pingu leaves his back pack behind.

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