This article is in the middle of an expansion or major revamping. You are welcome to assist in its construction by editing it as well., is the official Pingu website. On the first page of the entire website, the viewer can select their language by clicking on one of the seven flags surrounding a snowman. The main selections are the sites: UK, USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany and Japan. As of 2016, all the Pingu websites are currently in maintenance, except the Japanese one, which could mean that Mattel may bring Pingu in the City to the aforementioned countries. As of 2018, the sites with the exception of the Japanese website currently redirects to the Mattel website

Japanese Website

It is the first official website of Pingu, lauched in 1998.[1] This version focuses mainly on the "market", where Japanese users can buy Pingu merchandise. It also contains a few flashes consisting of animations. On 5th September 2017, it was redesigned to promote Pingu in the City.

UK Website

At the start, you have the option to give your name or skip to the main menu, where you can watch videos, play games, shop for Pingu merchandise and find out all sorts of facts about the little penguin. Sadly, the website has been redirected to Mattels website.

US Website

The main menu shows a map of Pingu's neighbourhood. Click on any part of the estate and Pingu will show you what you can find there. Sadly, this website has also been redirected to Mattels website too.