The Seagull is one of Pingu's friends, who often likes to tease him by splatting bird droppings on his head.


The Seagull first appears in Pingu and the Seagull, where she begins squawking and circling over Pingu, defecating on his scooter, his foot and his right arm. Pingu tries to get back at her by throwing a snowball and grabbing her by the legs, but to no avail. While having a drink by the pool, the Seagull is suddenly grabbed on the beak by a lobster. Pingu helps pull it off her, and drives the lobster back into the water with some pan lids. The Seagull blinks and squawks in thanks, Pingu strokes her on the head, and they are apparently friends now. The Seagull then flies away again, but unfortunately, she first returns the favour by defecating on Pingu's head before flying off into the distance.

The Seagull returns in Pingu and the Strangers, where she assists the Strangers in catching fish, much to Pingu's amazement, and in Pingu Builds a Tower, where she flies onto Pingu's tower masterpiece, Pingu tries to make her go away but to no avail, and Robby tosses a fish to her, whereupon she flaps away content.

In Pingu Wants to Fly, the Seagull shares perhaps her friendliest interaction with Pingu to date, as she assists him in his snowball fight with Robby, before rescuing him from the skies by popping the balloons with her beak. After that, she and Pingu pelt Robby with one more snowball, much to their delight.


Seagull was very cheeky and rude with Pingu, but later they became friends.


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She also appeared in Eskimo Disco 7-11.

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